Who We Are

Foster Army Volunteers

We are a foster based 501(c)3 animal welfare non-profit that was founded on the belief that every treatable animal deserves a chance at life and a loving forever home. Our vision is that our mostly volunteer organization can collaborate with Riverside Department of Animal Services and significantly contribute to helping Riverside become a no-kill community.

Our founders and board members bring many years of personal experience in animal welfare and share the philosophy that we must serve the community toward that vision. And our mostly volunteer organization brings the passion and drive to make our vision a reality.

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Our Team

We couldn’t be who we are without our amazing team!

Executive Director

Leslie Holzrichter, Executive Director for Foster Army Animal Rescue

Leslie Holzrichter

Executive Director

Board of Directors

President of Foster Army Animal Rescue

Twelve Camacho

10 years in animal welfare as shelter manager, fundraising manager, and foster/adoption specialist
Roy Saldanha, DVM - Vice President Foster Army

Dr. Roy Saldanha

Vice President
A career devoted to animal care, BS Biological Sciences and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis, strong professional involvement including AVMA, CVMA, AAHA, OBVMA and Veterinary Orthopedic Society
Brenda Cluff, Secretary for Foster Army Animal Rescue

Brenda Cluff

Over 15 years front line animal welfare engagement working with pets needing behavioral assistance leverages her many years of dedicated work with special needs children
Karen Rohlf, Director for Foster Army Animal Shelter

Karen Rohlf

Over 15 years experience working directly in the fostering of kittens and cats, and working with pet assisted therapy programs
Jackie Lamirande, Director for Foster Army Animal Rescue

Jackie Lamirande

Over 20 years experience in shelter management, strong background in volunteer management and fundraising activities
Brenda Bateman, Treasurer for Foster Army Animal Rescue

Brenda Bateman

Brings many years of relevant experience in both animal welfare and retail industries, keeps us grounded by providing constructive and pragmatic advice
Dick Kirby

Richard Kirby

Brings a wealth of business knowledge and contacts through a lifetime of experience in the Building and Maintenance industry (and a shared passion for animals)
Lisa James

Lisa James

Over 20 years of hands-on animal welfare experience including foster care, event planning, fundraising and education, specialized in care of neo-natal kittens
Angela Muncey

Angela Muncy

Over 10 years of experience in animal welfare and retail industries, a critical combination for our organization

Our Partners

Here are some of the wonderful like-minded organizations that we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

ASPCA Grant Recipient
Best Friends Network Partner
Maddie’s Pet Assistant
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