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Lifesaving Statistics

As a non-profit, our mission and focus is rescuing at-risk animals from the treatable category. These are animals that are not yet ready to adopt out and can include some challenging cases with high risk medical conditions including underage puppies and kittens as well as adult animals requiring surgery and extended rehabilitation. We are incredibly proud of the dedication and level of care provided by the volunteers in our foster army, and the high rate of live outcomes even from these challenging cases.

Lifesaving foster families at Foster Army

Summary - 2016/2017

Shelter Animals Count


Animal Intakes

270 cats/kittens
139 dogs/puppies

Foster Care

100% of intake are placed in foster homes for care

Total Animal Outcomes

253 cats/kittens
138 dogs/puppies

Live Animal Outcomes

229 cats/kittens
136 dogs/puppies


158 cats/kittens
115 dogs/puppies

Transferred Out

59 cats/kittens
18 dogs/puppies

Live Release Rate

93.4% (Live/Total Outcomes)